Thoughts on Little Things season 3

Little things started in 2016 and got renewed for a second season on Netflix. As the writer of the show Dhruv Sehgal stated he gets messages from people who say that they have grown with the show, they got into a relationship and stuff like that. I am one of them, even I have grown through this show, and I remained single from the first season of this show till now (consistency you see). But my growth was more on the concepts and idea of love. This show simplifies the metaphysical idea of love to the modern millennials.

Dhruv and Kavya sharing a cute moment

In this season of the show, the plot takes a turn when Dhruv has to move to Bangalore for his research and his relationship with kavya is a long-distance now. The beauty of this show lies in the “little things” as the title suggests, it celebrates the tiny moments of love and care the couple shares. I must say that both of them almost developed a communication method and are in their comfort zone in a live-in. now they are pushed out of it and what gets created is a classic communication gap. In a scene where kavya is returning from her work, she gets lonely, she feels like talking to someone, and Dhruv is partying with his friends. She calls her parents, a childhood friend and almost runs down into tears. Surprisingly I associated myself with her more than Dhruv in this season. Here both of their childhood memories, parents and profession are given equal importance. There are moments for each character that appears on the screen and that’s the level of writing and character-building this show has.

The scene that stands out in the show comes from a very casual conversation between Dhruv and Dr. Geeta Iyer; when Dhruv asks her how to address her as. She says “you don’t have to be correct all days, make mistakes, but honest ones” and just after a short while she casually adds “but it is also weird no, that male professors are always introduced and greeted as professors and doctors and women professors as madam” this line from her left both me and Dhruv thinking. There is a particular sequence in which Dhruv gets into a room with a display of planets and satellites, which almost felt like the universe is sending him a message. He and kavya are a couple who found their home in each other, but by the end of the season realize that there is more to this home like parents, me time, career, etc. than themselves. Even we get a dose of gyaan by the end of this season.

I am not watching this show for cute moments and plot. It is all about the great lines that are words of wisdom on relationships. It addresses issues such as loneliness, understanding family.  We treat our parents as per our situations and sometimes take them for granted, hurt them without even thinking that as we grow old, even they are growing older. Both their parents get a solid screen space in the third and fourth episodes of the season. But the episode I liked very much is the seventh episode which is called “the sum of our past” which shows us the origin stories of these modern millennial superheroes. This is exactly the thing I like about relationships; you get to know another person and their life in depth. It is almost like living two different lives. Both of their lives are shown to us and what they are made of. In a scene from Dhruv’s flashback, he drinks all the water from his girlfriend’s bottle and she goes on a rant about his behavior and how he finished the few drops of water she has. Then he offers her his full bottle of water. This simple act shows what kind of a person he is.

What this season made me realize is that maintaining a relationship is not as easy as getting into the relationship. This was my take away from the show and hope this show will continue offering us more of these realistic couple goals. I enjoyed this season thoroughly (from the stomach and the bottom of my heart).

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