Films to look out for at 25th Kolkata international film festival

If you are a film lover this is the season for you. The festive season kick starts with MAMI (Mumbai film festival) followed by Diff (Dharamshala), KIFF (Kolkata), and IFFI (Goa). So in order to enjoy these festivals and watch as many films as possible you need to do your research because there is a lot to watch. I’ve done that job for you guys over here. There will be a list up for IFFI too very soon. Over here I tried to list as much as possible and give you information which is available online.So here are films to look out for from the competition category of 25th Kolkata international film festival.

Competition Category


  • Devi Aur Hero It is by filmmaker Aditya Kriplani whose debut film Tikli aur laxmibomb won the best film award at Berlin independent film festival. This film is set in the present day Mumbai and is about a relationship between a sex slave and an industrialist’s son.
a still from the film
  • Chandrabati Kotha

This film directed by N Rashed Chowdhury explores the life of the first female poet of Bengali literature- Chandrabati

  • Hava Maryam Ayesha

This Afghan drama by Sahraa karimi was selected as afghan entry for best international feature film at the 92nd academy awards. This film is about three women in Kabul from different walks of life and the challenging moments they face during their pregnancy.


  • Lihaaf

This film by Rahat Kazmi is based on Ismat chugtai’s most celebrated story of the same name. the plot is about the same sex relationship between a begum and her masseuse the trial that Ismat underwent after being slapped with a case of obscenity on publishing the story.

a poster of the film Lihaaf
  • Veyil Marangal

The film, directed by Dr Biju, tells the story of a Dalit family from Kerala that moves to Himachal Pradesh but faces harsh conditions in both the places.

a still from the film Veyil marangal
  • Mai Ghat: Crime No 103/2005

The true story of a mother’s protracted 13 year fight for justice for her son who was tortured to death in custody, resulting in a historic death sentence for the guilty policemen. Its directed by Ananth Narayan Mahadevan.

   International Competition: Innovation in Moving Images

  • Maadathy

This film by Leena Manimekalai has premiered at the Busan International Film festival. This film is about subaltern deities and the legends interwoven with the socio historic tropes of India.

  • Luana: A Yak in the classroom

The film was shot on-location at the world’s most remote school, located in the Himalayan glaciers at an average altitude of 5,000 meters. Due to the remoteness and lack of facilities, the film was shot on solar charged batteries. This film is directed by Pawo Choyning Dorji.

  • Cat Sticks

The film cat sticks by ronny sen is the story about the brown sugar addicts of the city of Calcutta.


Pani Pata Poratam(songs of our soil)

            This documentary by Aditi Maddali is about the women farmers of the state of telangana and their role in the agrarian movement.

a still from the film


      Housefull is a documentary on singlescreen films. It is by Ayan chakraborty(no information available other than this online)

  • The day I became a woman

This documentary by Moupia Mukherjee is a personal journey of a womanhood. She tries to uncover the issues related to menstruation as a strict taboo in India.


Usman pandit  – Akram Hassan

Nadi – nitin prakash pednekar

Timeless flux – sisha chakraborty

PS: Non competition categories list will be on my instagram handle @classics_covered.

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