Aamis- movie review- A meaty affair of a youth and a married woman

“Is eating meat a sin?” Had you asked me this a few years ago my answer would have been yes; surprisingly my answer after watching this movie is still a yes. Aamis by Bhaskar Hazarika is set in present day Guwahati. It starts with showing us the beauty of the city with old Assamese songs in the background and; a day in the life of the lead pair of the film, just before their lives take the darkest and unimaginable turn. It is about Nirmali a pediatrician and Sumon a PhD student whose subject is meat eating habits in the north-east. Sumon is introduced as a jolly young man who enjoys everything he does, he just purchases a live lamb and the next shot is him washing its meat in the fresh river water. A friend of his eats too much of it for the first time and he runs into Nirmali for help and then starts their beautiful love (lust) story.

Both of them start meeting each other frequently, Sumon becomes synonymous with meat for her and she turns into a glutton as pointed out by her husband and maid. Sumon calls their common love for meat a platonic relationship. In a particular scene inside a theatre Sumon tries to touch her hand, but is held away by his platonic notions about her and she on the other hand is being tied up by societal norms like marriage. They both walk out of the theatre laughing out loud and when there is a sexual tension which is being built up between them; the crowd barges out of the theatre doors to stop them from getting physical.

This ravening of Sumon for her and her lust for meat marinates their relationship well and then they discover a new way to get physical. Sumon is so immersed in love with her that he is ready to give himself for her. Nirmali feels liberated and happy whenever she tastes the meat. All this plays out in a beautiful montage sequence with Quan bay’s soulful music playing through out. There are parts where you feel like a fish thorn got stuck in your throat and there are scenes which will de-skin your morality. But these are all part of the full course meal the director Bhaskar Hazarika is offering you. Both the lead actors get a meaty part to sink their teeth into (literally).

There are external factors which play an important role in their story- like society, a marriage and morals. But both of them at the end of the film hold each-others hands and stand together in a fight-club-esque way in the climax. This film will make you extremely hungry by the end and it made me inclined towards PETA.

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  1. Vinod says:

    Very nicely written

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    1. iasragas says:

      thank you, please do follow.. more reviews coming your way


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